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6 Reasons to Choose Soundstripe as Your Go-To Music Licensing Site

Jun 4, 2019

There's one thing that all video-based content creators have in common - the need to have a reliable source of high-quality royalty free music. Whether you're a nature videographer, a vlogger on YouTube, a streamer on Twitch, or a professional filmmaker, royalty free music is a vital tool in the success of your channel, brand, or business.

Music can really make or break your videos and the first step towards making your content a success starts with evaluating different music licensing sites. Not all royalty free music licensing sites are created equal so you want to be sure that whichever one you go with is going to deliver on what you need.

You'll find that some of the most successful royalty free music licensing sites have a few characteristics in common, such as having reasonable pricing, an easy to use interface, and library of quality music. But what really sets a service like Soundstripe apart from the other music licensing sites? We're glad you asked!

We're not going to say that our service is the absolute be all and end all of all music licensing sites - but we will say we've designed Soundstripe in a way that gets pretty close. There's a lot of little things we've done to tailor our service to make acquiring royalty free music as simple and fun as possible, but we've summed it all up in these top 6 reasons why we think you really need to give our service a try.

Let's dive in.  

Soundstripe Offers Unlimited Access to Their Library of Music

A huge advantage of Soundstripe versus other music licensing sites is that they offer unlimited access to their Music Library. It's fairly common for other music licensing sites to have download limits on their service, especially if they run on a subscription basis as we do. These kinds of monthly limits can be very frustrating and end up leaving you paying far more than what's reasonable if you find yourself needing access to more music than your limit.

We simply believe in doing things differently here at Soundstripe. All of our customers, new and old, Standard or Premium, get total access to our Music Library and as many downloads as their heart desires. Even if you only sign up for 1 month of our Standard membership, you still get unlimited music license downloads to use within that period of time.

6 Reasons to Choose Soundstripe as Your Go-To Music Licensing Site

Soundstripe Keeps Creatives Creating by Simplifying the Process

Soundstripe's mission is to 'Keep Creative Creating'. While some other music licensing sites might focus solely on making money from each music license purchase, Soundstripe focuses on delivering a service that is affordable and as simple for creators to use as possible. All you need to do is sign up for a Standard or Premium membership and you're ready to go.

By making it easy to find royalty free music, without worries of licensing and legalities, creators are able to spend more time working on their projects and improving their videography skills - which is really the most important thing.

Soundstripe Works on a Monthly or Annual Subscription Basis

Unless you only need a few royalty free music tracks, the standard business model of music licensing sites that charge per download doesn't make a lot of sense for busy content creators. There are a couple of issues with this. For one, you can end up spending quite a lot of money, even on some tracks you purchased licenses for but didn't end up using. Having to individually purchase each license is also a bit tedious and time-consuming.

Soundstripe works purely on a subscription basis - and a pretty awesome one at that. We offer two membership options, Standard and Premium. Standard can be billed monthly or annually and comes with unlimited music downloads, curated playlists on-demand, and access to new music every week. Premium is billed annually only and comes with everything Standard, in addition to access to a huge sound effects library, pre-release music early access, and 1K+ songs with stems.

Once you're signed up you don't have to do anything else involving payment. Just be sure you do download one license per each track you plan to use. For example, if you find a new music track for your vlog intros, you need to download 1 license per each time you'll use it. It's that simple!

Soundstripe Offers a Diverse Collection of Different Genres (+ New Weekly Releases)

A big reason why some new content creators automatically associate boring stock music with royalty free music is because of other royalty free music licensing sites focusing purely on quantity over quality. Sure, other sites might have a larger music library than Soundstripe, but will their music be as high of quality?

The Soundstripe Music Library is pretty huge, but the main difference is that we focus first on music quality. We work with talented artists across all music genres, from orchestral pieces to heavy metal. Hop onto our Music Library Song list right now just to get an idea of our diverse our collection is. Click the 'Genre' tab on the filter and you'll see basically every genre you can think of, includingIndie, Hip Hop, Country, Reggae, Power Ballads, and more.

Also - Soundstripe isn't just about supporting video content creators, but also the musicians and artists that produce the royalty free music and SFX for the platform. By forging strong relationships with our artists we are able to not only get their best music for our customers but also add hundreds of new releases to our Music Library every week.

Soundstripe Isn't Just Royalty Free Music - We Have Sound Effects Too

Sound effects are another important part of videography of all types, but some other royalty free music licensing sites don't offer sound effects as part of their package.We fully understand how sound effects (SFX) are just as important in a video, vlog, or film as the music itself, so we have a separate section dedicated to SFX (included with our Premium membership).

You can find SFX playlists under the Playlist tab of the Music Library or you can click over to SFX directly. If you go with the latter you'll be able to find our library of 30K+ SFX in a ton of different categories, from cartoonish SFX to Historical Weapons, Creatures, and Abstract.

Downloading SFX is just as easy as any royalty free music downloads -simply click the black License button next to the clip you'd like to use.

Soundstripe Lets You Browse, Filter, and Compile Playlists Easily

Let's face it - staying organized is extremely important when you're juggling filming, editing, content calendars, and other tasks. Keeping your music organized is important too, despite the fact that some music licensing sites don't make it easy.

The Soundstripe music library is huge, but without a way to stay organized, it can quickly feel overwhelming. We want you to be able to find the music you need and keep track of your favorite tracks as easily as possible, so you can save time and stay organized.

When you visit our Music Library, you can either click over to Playlists, Songs, SFX, and My Music. The Playlists section includes pre-made playlists based around different genres, styles, moods, and more. If you'd rather browse on your own, simply hop over to Songs. From here you can use the various filters in the left sidebar to narrow down the results to the type of music you need.

As you're looking through ourMusic Library and find promising tracks, you can either add them to yourFavorites or add them into a custom playlist of your own. The ability to create your own playlists is perfect for creators that are tackling multiple projects at once and ensures you won't lose that perfect track in the event you get distracted listening to others.

Sign Up Now and Start Downloading Royalty Free Music in Minutes

To really get a feel for why Soundstripe is one of the best royalty free music licensing sites out there, you really need to give it a try yourself. You can sign up for just 1 month of Soundstripe for only $15 and fully experience how our service performs. You'll get unlimited music downloads and all of the other perks that come with an annual membership. And if you're sold on our service by the end of the month, you can sign up for an annual membership which only costs $11.25 a month (billed annually).

Still have questions about our service? Click the Live Chat button up on the right of the top menu bar and a conversation box will pop up. Simply type in your question and we'll connect you to one of our online support staff immediately.

We look forward to seeing you join our growing customer base of videographers and content creators!

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