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Royalty Free Music for Creators

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The highest quality royalty free music for YouTubers, advertisers, wedding filmmakers, podcasters, content creators, non-profits, and more...

Everything You Need To Create Your Best Work.

Unlimited Licenses

With Soundstripe you get unlimited access to thousands of quality songs. You’ll always have the best right royalty free music for your project.

Handpicked Playlists

Need a list of songs for a particular theme, mood, or genre? Our award-winning music team curates new playlists every single week.

40,000+ SFX

Enhance your sound design with our library of sound effects. From foley to ambient to nature, we’ve got all the SFX you could ever need.

New Music Every Week

Every month, we add over 200 new songs to our library. You get more options and fresh opportunities to make your work stand out.

Intuitive Search

Find the right music in minutes with our audio search. Filter results by genre, mood, artist, and more to find that perfect sound.

Stem Audio Files

Sometimes you only need one part of a song. With stem files, you can choose which part to keep: from drums to bassline to vocals.

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Work Seamlessly With Our App Integrations

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Adobe Premiere

Effortlessly preview, license and import high quality music and sound effects directly onto your Premiere Pro timeline. Learn More

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Send watermarked song(s) over to your Frame.io project(s) to try out before licensing, directly from our platform in just a few clicks. Learn More


Listen to our latest curated playlists of royalty free music, discover talented new artists, or find the perfect song.

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What Is Soundstripe?

What We Offer

Unlimited, royalty free music and sound effects for creators.

Who It's For

YouTubers, podcasters, wedding videographers, advertisers, filmmakers, nonprofits, gamers, and all other content creators.

Why We Do It

At Soundstripe, our purpose is simple: Keep Creatives Creating. Empowering creatives drives everything we do. It’s why we only publish excellent songs and meticulously curate our playlists. It’s why we keep our licensing simple and continuously optimize our music search. And it’s why we keep our prices reasonable for everyone. Because we believe you deserve access to quality music so you can realize the full potential of your ideas.

“Soundstripe makes the music discovery process so easy. It's intuitive, and unlike any other!”
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How to License Music with Soundstripe

Find The Perfect Song
1. Find The Perfect Song

Choosing the right music can be tedious and time-consuming. Good thing our audio library is designed to make finding music enjoyable. Discover the perfect track in minutes instead of hours.

Choose Your License
2. Choose Your License

You can use Soundstripe songs for almost anything. Just tell us about your project and get a royalty free music license that covers you forever. No complicated agreements or channel restrictions.

Create Something Great
3. Create Something Great

Drop your new music into your project and revel in the exceptional work you’ve just created. You have unlimited licenses, so you’ve got all the music you need when it’s time for something new.

Get unlimited music for your creations today!

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